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Chas was elected to the position of King Rat in The Grand Order of Water Rats for the year 2003 and again in 2004

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More recently Chas has played the Country Music Festival in Llangollen, where the Eistedfodd is held.  In August 2000 he took his group to Finland for the KIHVELI SOIKOON FESTIVAL, an annual three day event in Hankasalmi with down home music played on home made instruments.  They headlined a show that included many varied groups such as the avant-garde Cleaning Ladies and the hugely entertaining siblings, The Werner Bros.

A clip from the DVD SKIFFLING AROUND in which Chas talks to  some of our heroes about Skiffle and it’s influence on the music scene, including Joe Brown, Bert Weedon and many more.

The Grand Order Of Water Rats