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New for 2013, A revised version of


The Definitive Inside Story

Skiffle, the Prodigy, McCartney, Oasis…. The year’s best rock books...McDevitt is ideally placed to spill all the relevant beans about the ‘craze’ that caused almost as much stir here as rock‘n’roll."
THE SUNDAY TIMES (Robert Sandall)

“Chas McDevitt’s excellent history of Skiffle…..All you ever wanted to know about the music that inspired rock‘n’roll."
(Val Hennessey)

“These exciting times are described in detail by McDevitt in an absorbing book liberally illustrated with pictures & billboards of the era.”
YORKSHIRE Evening Post

"The book is a solid and comprehensive account of a fascinating period..."
NEWCASTLE Evening Chronicle (Peter Fairley)

“If you want to know more about the extraordinary Skiffle scene, you can do no better than to refer to McDevitt’s new book.”
THE STAGE (Simon Blumenfeld)

“I stayed up half the night reading this superbly researched book…. This is a must have book for anyone seriously interested in popular music."
BUCKS FREE PRESS (Harry Warschauer)

“McDevitt’s book is racy at the beginning, serious in the middle and provides excellent discographies at the end. It will not be possible to write again about popular music in this century without reading it first."
FREEDOM (John Pilgrim)

“McDevitt tells Skiffle’s story in the third-person, pulling this off without becoming contrived."
MoJo (Ken Hunt)

“A rattling good time with the Skiffle kings.”

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