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"In fond memory of Nancy Whiskey" 4 March 1935---1 Feb 2003.

Sorry to relay the sad news that Nancy died suddenly at her home in Leicester on Saturday night 1 February. She will be sadly missed by her family, friends and fans.

Nancy's funeral took place in Leicester on Tuesday 11 February 2003. Her daughter, Yancey, family and friends said their farewells and later, at the reception as she would have wished; a jazz group, a boogie pianist and the renowned guitarist Diz Disley all tried to drive the blues away. Many friends had been unable to make the long journey to Leicester, but Nancy's contemporaries, Chas, Diz, John Pilgrim of The Vipers and Rick Hardy of the Worried Men were at hand to represent them and pay tribute to this lady whose unique voice contributed so much to the early roots of British popular music.

Nancy with The Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group,  Ed Sullivan Show, New York, July 1957

Chas & Nancy with her daughter Yancey Kelly in December 1998

The Guardian Tribute